According to the World Health Organization, health is not merely sick or handicapped, but good physical, mental and social well-being. In addition to the physical and biological structure of the human being, the psychological side also falls within the scope of the health concept. Therefore, the provision of health services that can be evaluated as therapeutic, protective and rehabilitating is seen as very important to be achieved and of high quality. This increases the need for expert managers to ensure that health services are delivered regularly, effectively and efficiently.

The increasing need for specialized and qualified managers in the health sector is emerging as a result of the rapid development of the sector. Along with the qualified workforce with knowledge in the field, the resources of the health institutions are managed effectively and efficiently so that health services are presented to international quality standards. In this respect, the purpose of the Undergraduate Health Management Program is to train qualified human resources to meet the needs of the sector.

In addition, the Bachelor of Health Administration program; Aims to educate managers who have the necessary knowledge and skills in order to implement the planning, organizing, execution, coordination and supervision functions in a systematic and conscious manner for the successful execution of the health system.

In recent years, as the healthcare manager has been recognized as a profession in our country, specialists and senior managers who will work in the management units of the health institutions are being trained in the health management department which is becoming more important and the field is being investigated.

Organizing and conducting various activities in individuals, health care institutions graduated from health management department; They can work in areas such as provision of necessary personnel, tools and equipment, budget preparation, calculation of the fees of patient care services. Candidates who are graduated from the department can also take part in administrative, accounting and human resources departments of public and private sector health institutions.